The automatic crossfeed mixer grinders with their strong drives meet the highest demands on processing and hourly output. They are equipped with a mixing arm and are very suitable for the processing of meat parts, fresh and frozen up to −16°C. Fresh meat can be mixed very well with other meat types and/or ingredients. In addition, different types of meat can be mixed.. The MultiGrind grinders can be equipped with either the Enterprise cutting system in sizes E52 or E56 or the Unger cutting system in sizes 130 or 160.

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Technical Data

Specifications subject to change without notice. Dimensions may vary.

Motor rotary current/3Ph
30,0 + 1,5/400 kW/Volt
Output (depending on product)*
~3750 kg/h
Perforated plate-Ø
152 mm
Working worm speed level
~200 min-1
External dimensions (W x D x H)
1478 x 1529 x 1975 mm
Total hopper volume
~360 Ltr.
Batch size (mincing)
200 kg

* Depending on cutting set and product – approx. data

Cutting system
Enterprise E56
Perforated plate-Ø
152 mm
Total hopper volume
~360 Ltr.
Hourly output with 3mm perforated plate
~3750 kg/h
External dimensions (W x D x H)
1478 x 1529 x 1975 mm
Motor voltage (3Ph)
400 V
Motor main drive / Protection system IP55
30 (22) kW
Motor feeding drive / Protection system IP55
1,5 kW
Motor mixer drive / protection system IP55
1,5 kW
Nominal current at 400 V – Main drive
54 (40,5) A
Nominal current at 400 V – Feeding drive
3,1 A
Nominal current at 400 V Mixing and loosening device drive (opt.)
3,1 A
Conductor size
25 (16) mm²
Fusing at 400 V (A lazy)
63 (50) A
Input height
1978 mm
Lower housing height (with cover)
733 mm
Noise level
68,8 db (A)
Weight (net.)
~1000 – 1100 kg

Stainless steel machine / feeding hopper with safety frame / outlet protection cover / stainless lock nut / push-button-control / hydraulic worm ejection / socket wrench SW 24 / combi hook spanner / I-speed version / 4 height adjustable anti vibration metal-feet / feeding worm prefilling function / cable for main connection / mixing device (mixing arm) with separate drive / autoreverse function

Cutting sytem Enterprise
Feeding hopper with safety frame
Outlet protection cover
Push button control
Combi hook spanner
Mixing device (mixing arm)
Perfect hygiene

Variable speed (stepless) of working worm 30kW / mixing time preselection / hoist feed loader FD 200 / attached swivel arm feeding HFD 200 / tool trolley for equipment and tools

Mixing time preselection
Variable speed (stepless)
Tool trolley
Hoist feed loader FD200
Swivel arm feeding HFD200 (attached)
Product Catalogue
Datasheet: AWM56-240 Automatic crossfeed grinder

Video: Kolbe Foodtec Mincers

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